Reflashing problems


I have a U-Boot prompt via the UART daughter board on normal power up. However I get no USB recognised (10d6:10d6 with lsusb) over the OTG microUSB connection if I hold the ADFU button down on power up. Am I missing something in how to connect in order to reflash the eMMC?

As a work-around, is there any other way to boot from the SD card (or USB, or TFTP) via the U-Boot prompt? My U-Boot describes itself as “2015-11-17 official release SDK”.

Thanks and regards


Hi Bill,

For ADFU mode, you’ll need to use USB type-A to type-A wire to connect to the USB 3.0 port (blue).
In some country, USB type-A to type-A wire is rare to be bought. This USB Type-A to microUSB converter can help.

So you can use a USB type-A to microUSB wire, and use that converter to convert back to Type-A and then connect to Bubblegum96.



Hi Paul,

Thanks for the tip about the USB adaptor. Using it I can now see the board in fastboot. I’ve reflashed the U-Boot image and I get:

owl> gpt write mmc 1 ${partitions}
Unknown command ‘gpt’ - try help

I’m trying to write the Debian image so of course on the host with fastboot I get:

writing ‘BOOT’…
FAILED (remote: cannot find partition)

It looks like the U-Boot image on doesn’t have support for CONFIG_CMD_GPT built in. If this is really the problem please could you post an image with CONFIG_CMD_GPT set with the Debian images.



Hi Paul,

OK, I get that part of it now. There’s no issue with the U-Boot image. I wasn’t waiting long enough to get the new u-boot prompt. I can now write the partition table and download images to the board. Sorry for the noise on that part.

Once Debian boots (so far, so good), I dd the bootloader.bin and u-boot-dtb.img (I copied them over from my host) using steps 13 & 14. Unfortunately I don’t get a bootable system at the end. Are there any gotchas I could’ve missed in the last 2 steps?



I tried it again a few times :slight_smile: Eventually I must’ve done it right … I am now able to boot the alip image from power on. No issue with the instructions, just some kind of finger trouble on my part.