Recovery mode does not seem to work any more


Everything was working fine with the Hikey board. But I needed to update the firmware.
I put the firmware into recovery mode (pin1-pin2 and pin3-pin4 on J15 are linked).

But now, I have these outputs on UART0 (instead of the usual NULL packet):

start enum.
Can not get device description command.
Switch to UART download...

I tried to send some binaries with the following script:

$ sudo python -d /dev/ttyUSB1 --img1 /tmp/fastboot1.img --img2 /tmp/fastboot2.img
 Serial:  /dev/ttyUSB1
 Image1:  /tmp/fastboot1.img
 Image2:  /tmp/fastboot2.img

Sending /tmp/fastboot1.img ...

but it does work neitherā€¦ Any idea?


Use of fastboot#.img bootloaders has been deprecated many months ago!
Please reference instructions in link below:

Also note that you have 60 seconds from power on to run the command, else the port switches from usb to UART download mode.


My mistakeā€¦ I forgot to connect the USB OTG cable. If the USB OTG is not connected then the message Can not get device description command. will appear.