Recommended power supply


What power supply were you guys using at Connect? The plug size is uncommon, and I’m having some difficulty finding a compatible AC-DC supply for it.

Here is what I think is needed:

12V, >2A, center positive, with a less than 5mm O.D. and greater than 1.65mm I.D.


Hi John, your spec (12V, 2A, center positive,…) is correct. We included an adapter in the boards we gave out at Linaro Connect to go from a 2mm female to 1.7mm male since the 2/2.1mm plug is more common. At Connect, we used a power supply with a choice of international mains plugs on one end and a choice of 2-pin interchangeable plugs on the other:


Thanks Steve! I came to the same conclusion. Adapter is best.


I came from 410c’s Getting Started page. But,I don’t know correct O.D size for 410c.
my AC-DC supply (5.5mm O.D.) didn’t fit.
what O.D size is best?

By the way, I think “2.1mm to 1.7mm cable adapter”'s link in the page( is incorrect. this link’s I.D is 0.7mm.



The power socket is 1.7mm, center pin positive. O.D. should be 4.75mm. The connector is specified as being CUI PJ-041H or equivalent. Datasheet for this is available here:

Thanks for pointing the error out. The correct link for the 2.1mm to 1.7mm cable adapter should be®-5-5x2-1mm-4-8x1-7mm/dp/B00EA4Q60K/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1436114814&sr=8-4 - I have updated that on page.


If it helps, I’m using this $7 power supply:

combined with one of these plug adapters ($13 for the whole set):

While $20 might seem a bit much for a power supply, at least with this set of adapters I can re-use that power supply for almost any project, which makes it worthwhile, but if that’s too much, you might want to just want for one of the official power supplies.


I got the one recommended by Arrow on the same page as where order DragonBoard 410C - it is “WM24P-12-A-QL” cost $12.70 plus shipping from them :