Recommended Displays


are their any recommended displays for the HiKey. Which can be used either with Debian or Android?
Do you have any good experience with a display?

Hi @jeeppler,

Due to the hardware constraints, not all HDMI display works on HiKey when the resolution is more than 720p.
If your HDMI display could select the resolution, changing to 720p should be OK.

There is a list listing the HDMI display which worked by user report.

If you are having problems with a specific display not working, please file a bug at and I’ll take a look at it!

@John Stultz yes, I filled multiple bug reports (396-399) regarding different displays.

What is about the following LCD display which I found on Lenovator:

there is a notice which says the board will be shipped in may 2016, but we have already June.
Is there any news on that LCD display?


with respect to the Lenovator Display (, is it already supported on Android?