Receiving Analog Input in Android


How can I receive an analog input through the shell in Android?
I have an MQ-7 CO Gas Sensor (just the sensor; no breakout board), and need to interface it with my 410c.


Unfortunately the 96Boards spec does not provide for any analog inputs (or outputs) on the boards. The only way is to either use a digital sensor, or perform Analog to digital conversion yourself. An example of an external ADC is this one: Alternately you can use a module that has the ADC included, such as this one:

Remember whichever way you do it you will also need to level shift the I2C signals from the 96Board from 1.8V levels to the levels used by your sensor module (usually 3.3V or 5V).

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Alright, So once i’ve done all the level shifting and converted the analog to digital signal, how do I receive that data inside Android? Where do I hook it up and what kind of data will I be receiving?