RB5 UART Configuration

I am using the Rb5 developer kit. I need 3 UARTs for my project. I read the documentation for the developer kit and found out that I can configure the QUP ports as UART. But I couldn’t find information on how to configure it.

Could you provide information on how to configure the QUP1, QUP4, and QUP15 pins on LS1 in the RB5 kit as Low-Speed UART?

Theoretically, you would install Linaro as per the normal instructions, and then recompile the kernel as per the instructions here: Linaro Releases (Under the “Building the Linux kernel from source” section). This will give you a new boot file that you can load using fastboot.

When recompiling the kernel, you want to first edit this file to include the uarts that you want: qrb5165-rb5.dts « qcom « dts « boot « arm64 « arch - working/qualcomm/kernel.git - Qualcomm Landing Team kernel

I would use the uart12 example in that file to guide you how to enable other uarts. After loading the new boot-rb5.img file with the new uarts, I would think it would show up in /dev/ (hopefully there aren’t any additional steps involved).

Hopefully this works - I haven’t really been able to get any peripherals to work myself (see this post: Enabling SPI on the RB5 - #6 by Juzasonos).

Good luck - I wish this forum was more helpful in providing assistance for these kinds of things.