RB5 C-PHY support


I’ve seen that there were recent activities regarding CAMSS on the RB5 platform and also support to use/activate the IMX camera which is part of the optional mezzanine kit. However, I did not find official support for the MIPI C-PHY on the RB5 platform. The hardware should be definitely capable to support this PHY, but can it already be used for a custom driver implementation? Thanks in advance for the help!

I’ve seen that in the documentation of the MIPI device-tree bindings found in mipi-ccs.yaml « i2c « media « bindings « devicetree « Documentation - working/qualcomm/kernel.git - Qualcomm Landing Team kernel that the bus-type of the end-point can be specified to be <1> which defines C-PHY for the end-point. Is a C-PHY end-point supported for the tree which has the CAMSS implementation for the SM8250(https://git.linaro.org/people/bryan.odonoghue/kernel.git/log/?h=br-v5.17j%2Bcamss-fixes)?