Questions - Smart Mirror developer ASAP


Currently I’m using a iStick a300 as seen here;

With that I’m using an IR overlay from the same company as seen here;

And finally I’m using a logitech c110 webcam.

Now onto the important stuff. I’m curious as to if the touch overlay will plug and play or if i’ll need to get the drivers and recompile the android image for this board, and if that is the case could someone point me in the right direction or let me know how to do so.

The webcam is giving me problems on my current board and I was looking to upgrade to better specs anyways. But if someone could also recommend a plug and play webcam that can be switched out easily.

Thanks for the help and looking forward to responses! I have a presentation for my prototype next week so trying to move quickly.

In the mean time here is a link to my kickstarter video I made if anyone is interested.

Thanks again,


Sorry, I’m not clear on the question here. You’re thinking of replacing the iStick with a Dragonboard 410c and worried the Android driver for the “touchscreen” might not port across correctly?