[Question]-So is that it? DB820C is dead?


Any updates on availability of updated 820c?


We are looking at refill with Arrow within Q3.19.


Wow. That’s really sad. Why is it so hard for this board to be made available?


this is due to certain critical part availability. We are exploring other venues still but this is the best we have so far.


What is the critical part? There doesn’t seem to be the same problem in the 410c.


Because 410C didn’t use the same flash storage unit.


Then you are saying that the issue is with availability of the flash memory itself?


Yep, now it’s being resolved.


If this was the only problem with availability of the board, then how come was there no “light” version offered without UFS? As I understand it, the board is capable of booting fully off the uSD card, and this option would have helped a LOT of people get into this board despite the issues with supply of that chip. I, personally, would have bought several, and I know two other people who also would have bought a few each.


I am afraid I do not have a good answer to this. Whether to have another ‘light’ variant of original 820c is not our decision but partner’s.

Personally we would also have hoped 820c availability did not have such problem. We could only apologise as this was not what was intended for originally.



Well then do you think you could suggest it to them? I’m sure it would be more seriously considered coming from you than from me.


Actually I think just opposite…they heard me too much and it does not ripple anymore :disappointed_relieved: