Qualcomm RB3 (SD845) - use SNPE + GPU with docker

I would like to run SNPE on the RB3 GPU - however, running the samples doesn’t work, and neither does my own code.
I tried running docker with --privileged but it says permission denied due to something to do with /dev/socket/logd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

can you link me to the guide you are following?
Also, are you specifically interested running it on the GPU because the Debian images have Hexagon dsp enabled as well.

I burn the image that is here

last modified 22-Mar-2021 12:01
and I have no available runtime
and I cannot see libOpenCL.so

The selected runtime is not available on this platform. Continue anyway to observe the failure at network creation time.
error_code=500; error_message=Target runtime is not available. error_code=500; error_message=Target runtime is not available. No viable runtimes available.; error_component=Host Runtime; line_no=422; thread_id=281473060671840; error_component=Host Runtime; line_no=263; thread_id=281473141583888