Qualcomm Cheated 777 People in the Name of Maker Month Contest

Hi All,

This is something bad about Qualcomm , A fake technical guy declared as a winner by Qualcomm Judges(Blind). for more information https://developer.qualcomm.com/blog/and-maker-month-dragonboard-contest-winner#comment-10270 , post may be deleted by qualcomm, so soon… read it

I have all evidence to prove the project is Fake one, Its not driven from Dragon Board

we need justice guys ,

Ashok R

96Boards worked closely with Qualcomm on the Maker Month contest and we support the decision and impartiality of the industry judges.

Hi Steve,
Can you tell us, how the dragon board is used in this drone project?
I found that its fake video, dragon board is not at all used.

Dear Mr. Ashok

Please don’t make assumptions about someone’s project by knowing half thing.

I tested our vision based navigation algorithm in simulation mode with dragon-board in loop. In Dragon Contest essay also I said that vision based navigation is tested in simulation mode.

In our Scenerio, we took dragonboard 410c image as our reference and calcaluted the drift of drone from that reference. WIth the drift in x and y, we were able to successful command the drone autopilot connected to dragonbaord 410c to navigate to the given location. We succesfully tested the result in simulation.

Yes, I made this video in March 2016, mentioning ‘Drone Autonomous flight video’. This video was attached to showcase the capability and application of our algorithm which we tested in simulation mode on dragonboard 410c.

I have started writing a detailed description of all steps involved in this implementation as a blog made of 5 parts. I also have started implementing the simulation in real scenario on DragonBoard. And soon we will be implementing all other applications envisioned on real drone.

The link to first part of the blog is as follows:

PS: If I had any intention of cheating, I would have removed the video long back, before catching attention of anybody. I am true to what I achieved and tested.