Qdl failure on sd820 based custom board with emmc storage

i’m trying to do qdl on db820c based custom board based on emmc storage.

when i run below command
sudo ./qdl <prog_emmc_firehose_8996_ddr.elf> <rawprogram.xml> <patch.xml>

qdl is failing with error:
failed to initialize(open whole lun) UFS Device slot 0 partition 0

This is happening because driver is trying to initialize the device slot by calling the function
ufs_open() but it is returning NULL on satisfying the macro “DEVICEPROG_UFS_MISSING”
(code is a part of qcom proprietary- UFS based driver)

as qdl is working fine on db410c(emmc storage), ideally it should work here also but not working.

is it something to do with qdl source or changes needed to be done in qcom proprietary code?

need help on this.


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