Putting Qualcomm Chipset into RF test modes

We wanted to do certain conducted and radiated measurements for Bluetooth and WiFi on a Dragon board. Can you please let us know how can we put the chipset on test modes like continuous unmodulated transmission or always receive mode.

Has anybody tried this and are there commands that we can send over adb to set these kind of modes. Any help is highly appreciated.

Just for interested in this topic. It’s specially related to dragon board wifi chipset. I found a qualcomm developer forum, maybe you can find more info about their product info.

Jasmine …Can you please put the link here?

huh? I did. Doesn’t display? developer dot qualcomm dot com

Oh I see this link. I though there was a specific link where they had talked about going into the test modes. Developer page has lots of details and I was not able to find a document.