Project update - DragonDetector

I finished my changes to the DragonDetector with an updated knight and demonstrated the board at the October Linuxing London meetup.

The combination of a cheap level shifter and an off the shelf I2C based board designed for a Pi (in this case the PiCon Zero) do open the DragonBoard up to lots of possibilities and got me around a the limitations of the 1.8v GPIO and lack of PWM.

For more details see the Workshopshed blog

Nice upgrade! Not seen the picon zero board before… looks like it shows the importance of shipping a polished firmware by default!

Cheers Daniel.

The Picon Zero is a great little board and is only £16. I got it to control some motors for a Pi Workshop back in April but never used it. It is designed for controlling robots so you’ve got a couple of H-bridges, 6 outputs that can be Digital or PWM/Servo and 4 inputs that can be digital, analogue or configured for temperature sensors. The “library” is pretty simple, passing messages over I2C so the clever stuff must be in the firmware of the board.


This project is now available on the project page :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want to update any thing.


Thanks Shovan

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