Project Question: GPS + Compass + Accel + Gyro


Hey all!

I’m working on a project, but I haven’t finalized the hardware selection yet. I just discovered the dragonboard and am considering buying one. I have been using a combination of python and mraa, so that seems like it will be a good fit. Here is my question:

Are the Compass/Accel/Gyro devices accessible via I2C? Is reading the data from these just a straightforward:

sudo i2cdump -yr 1 0xE38

(per this link here: Snapdragon Spec )

And I’m also interested in the GPS module. Can that be read using something like the following python pseudo-script?

import serial
gps = serial.Serial(‘ttyGPSD0’)
while True:

Thanks for the help!


Hello @doug.lamaster,

I’ve read the Snapdragon spec slightly different to you. I don’t think there are any compass/accel/gyro on the board. The E38 isn’t a valid I2C address so I think that is referring to the location of GPIO_115. See Figure 4-1 of the Snapdragon Spec for location.
You might find the Dragonboard Hardware manual more relevant:

For some unknown reason I can’t get the GPS to start today however in the past I have accessed the raw nmea sentences on /dev/ttyGPS0 so your Python pseudo script should work.



Ok, fair enough.

So the dragonboard does not have an integrated accel/gyro/magnetometer? Is this correct?

If so, that’s unfortunate, but not a deal-breaker.



yes, this is correct. it does not have them.