Problems with Linksprite-7-display on Android (flickering, multiple)



I recently installed a Dragonboard 410c with Android. With a conventional display everything works fine, but when connected to the Linksprite-7-display (96board compatible,, it displays android multiple times (5x) next to each other in stripes (about 4cm). And flickering quite a lot.
So somehow the output is not adjusted to the screen resolution. Is there a way to change the resolution or update the driver? This is all in Android. Would be great if you could help.
Many thanks for any advices,


Product description highlights compatibility with Debian which has a quite different kernel. Maybe I can suggest you to try one of the QCOM Landing Team (LT) android daily build [1].



Hi Loic,
thanks for your answer. So there is no easy and direct solution. I will check out the status of the AOSP, hopefully with support. I will let you know as soon as there are any news.