Problem with Transferring Files

Hey, everyone,

I’m an Electrical Engineering student working on my Capstone Project. I have a Python code that functions just as I need it to on my Windows 10 Laptop. However, I need to get it running on my Dragonboard, for which Windows 10 IoT Core is the operating system. After some initial difficulty, I was able to successfully transfer my files to the board via an FTP server. However, the Dragonboard cannot read “.py” files. Furthermore, I would need certain libraries in order for my code to run correctly. I tried installing Anaconda via the web browser. No such luck. So I figured I’d convert my program to a “.exe” file.

After successfully doing so, I once again copied what I needed over to the FTP server. Everything copied over, except for the executable file, which gave me this error: “An error occurred copying a file to the FTP Server. Make sure you have permission to put files on the server. Details: The connection with the server was reset.”

So far, I’ve tried disabling the IoT device’s Firewall by using Windows Powershell as Administrator on my laptop. This gave me the same error, so I re-enabled the Firewall. I’m not sure what to try next. I am just an Electrical Engineering student who knows very little about this kind of thing. This is my first experience with a microcontroller. So please keep in mind that my knowledge is very limited when explaining.

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the 96Board community.
Typically there are not too many Windows 10 IoT users here in this forum. You might be better off using the Windows IoT forum.

I have not used Windows 10 IoT on the DragonBoard myself but a quick bit of searching around has shown there are some additional steps that need to be taken to support Python.
This seems to be the most concise:

Window 10 Desktop and Windows 10 IoT core are very different operating systems. Is there any reason you have chosen Windows IoT core?

For getting Python code running on the DragonBoard it is often easier to use a Linux operating system.

Okay, thanks. I’ll check out the Windows IoT forum.