Problem compiling kernel for 19.11

I am trying to follow the release notes for compiling the 19.11 kernel. The instructions have me run the following commands:

git clone -n
cd kernel
git checkout -b kernel-19.11 debian-qcom-dragonboard845c-19.11

The git checkout command fails with the following message: fatal: ‘debian-qcom-dragonboard845c-19.11’ is not a commit and a branch ‘kernel-19.11’ cannot be created from it.

When I look at the branches in the git repo I do not find debian-qcom-dragonboard845c-19.11.

Can someone give me a hand?



Well it’s not supposed to be a branch but a tag for a certain commit. Anyway the tag does not exist, @alimon is it a miss?

I think you can checkout release/qcomlt-5.4 branch instead to built the latest kernel.

Hi @jsammons,

The release branch for 19.11 is 5.2 [1] so my fault forget to push the tag, now fixed [2].

@Loic Regarding 5.4 branch it works but still missing Audio and WiFi parts that we are working on.



Thanks. I will give it a try.