Power up TB-96AI


I post a message here because I bought a TB-96AI recently with a carrier board, but I have a problem to make it works.
I was making a PCB for test it, but I was unable to power up the board.
Base on the carrier board and the SOM schematics I connect all the “VCC5
V0_SYS_S3” on my 5V power input, All GND pins to the ground and a button to “PWRON” to power on the RK809. But nothing happens. Does anyone know which pin is mandatory to wire to power up the board? Any document maybe?
I have seen on the carrier board schematics some pin (BOOT_CS1 for example) that are not present/connected with the TB-96AI or even on the TB-96AIOT. Maybe some of there pins are mandatory?

PS: I tried also to power up the TB-96AIOT but same story.

Thanks for your response.

Look at System Management pins:

I think you need to have VDC_PWRON (X1-pin 24) and PWRON (x1-pin 27) and SOC_POR_RST/RESET_L (x1 pin 17) connected.

Thanks for your response, I will try today.
I haven’t seen this doc, it will be useful thanks.


After many try, I’m still unable to boot the board. As I readed VDC_PWRON and PWRON has the same effect (power up the PMIC RK809).With 0.55V on VDC_PWRON the PMIC is supposed to startup. I try also BOOT_CS combinaison like BOOT_CS0 Floating,BOOT_CS1 GND, BOOT_CS3 GND but nothing.
It’s not really clear in the spec how BOOT_CS must be pluged (GND ? float ? 1.8V ?).
Sure I miss something, any idee ?


I believe this issue is resolved via email - please let me know if otherwise.

If the resolution is acceptable - please post here for others benefit as well.


Hi yang, unfortunately i’m still unable to power up it. If you have any suggestion, let me know.

Do you give the VCC_RTC_S5(X1 Pin 28) power supply?VCC_RTC_S5 power supply must be powered on, and the power on sequence must be no later than VCC5V0_SYS_S3。If VCC_RTC_S5 does not supply power, PMIC of SOM board may be damaged。If it is not necessary to keep RTC time after shutdown, VCC_RTC_S5 and VCC5V0_SYS_S3 can be connected together。The voltage range of VCC_RTC_S5 is 3.0V ~ 5.5V.
Another point to be noted is that if the VDC_PWRON(X1 Pin24)is not pulled up, it is necessary to pull down the PWRON(X1 Pin27) for a short period of time before the system can be started.