Power over USB-C


Hello there,

I am looking forward to using my SBC as a little on the go Laptop, and was looking for a screen that I could use for it and stumbled upon a screen that uses a single USB-C port for both its data AND power. It uses around 8 watts of power, is there any way the Rock960 is going to deliver that amount of power over the USB C port? If not, are you guys aware of any way of only providing data over the SBCs port and combine it with power from outside?

Hopefully this is an understandable issue and someone here has an answer for it.



ROCK960 model A/B type C output voltage is fixed at 5V. And there is a current limited ic to prevent too much current draw. Currently it’s limited to 1.44A.

You can change the R2608 to a smaller one to output more current. See the datasheet of SY6280AAC: