Power ON without power button

Hi all,

I’m dealing with Ultra96-V2 and after moving JT6 resistor from 1-2 position to 2-3 position, I still cannot power the board without pushing pwr button.
Does anyone knows how to do so ?

Hey Brival,

Moving JT6 to position 2-3 should make the board power on by default. I am under the impression it may be an issue with the resistor being reused and potentially damaged/not soldered on all the way. Perhaps you could try just shorting JT6 position 2-3 together? Please verify the pads are still in tack aswell!



My bad, the marking of the JT8 resistor was distorted and I confused it with JT6 without looking at the layout…

Thanks for your answer

Sorry for the confusion Brival. For the benefit of others, you can find JT6 near U6 on the backside of the board, in the southwest quadrant as shown in the photo.