Power issue


I purchased Dragonboard 410C and received yesterday.

However I found that I didnt get power cable, so I used another power cable which has 15V/1.5A.

Thought that is acceptable for using Dragonboard 410C and it worked as I expected.

But suddenly, after I tried booting, the power didnt come up and doesnt work at all.

When I tried booting before this board is dead with 5V cable, at least I could see a booting logo,

now, it doenst work at all with any cables.

I strongly guess the board is really dead cos of power issue.

Is there any idea how I can handle this?

Thank you


The 96Boards CE requires from 8V to 18V power supply.

The 15V/1.5A AC adapter should be fine.
The 5V AC adapter would not work with 96Boards.

I am nut completely sure why your DragonBoard stopped booting with 15V AC adapter but common issues is the mismatch of DC plug size.

The 96Boards uses DC plug with 4.75 mm outer diameter with 1.7mm center pin (EIAJ-3 complaint).
But 5.5/2.1 is more commonly used and it will not fit with 4.75/1.7.

It require to have the AC adapter with 4.75/1.7 DC plug or,
using 5.5/2.1 DC plug to 4.75/1.7 converter.

And some AC adapter has 5.5/2.5 DC plug which fits to 5.5/2.1 DC jack on the 4.75/1.7 converter but the center pin will not have proper connection.

Also there are EAIJ-2 plug which is 4.0/1.7 which is able to insert to 96Boards directly but this will also make 96Boards unstable since the outer size is smaller and not having proper connection.

There are more details at this link.