Power consumption?

I’m looking for an SBC for a prototype product that can deliver long standby times on battery power with fast wake-up - at most <50mA consumption when not active.

I know the Rock960’s SoC is capable of sleep mode - is this exposed in any supported OS? Does anyone have data on power consumption under different conditions?

I do not know details about Android but two power saving features are enabled in Linux Debian and Ubuntu

$ cat /sys/power/state
freeze mem

Sadly, they do not work reliable at the moment as I experienced in some tests. You can set SBC in sleep mode and wakeup works sometimes, but sometimes it does not. I.e. I would expect that pressing a key on a attached keyboard should wakeup or a network connection should activate the SBC because wake on lan is active per default for wireless but at the moment it is not like this.

That’s a great start, thanks! Good to know it’s functional OOTB in Linux - the wakeup flakiness I can probably work around.

When it does wake up, is it up and running normally in <1-2 seconds? (And have you tested power draw with an ammeter?)

I haven’t done more extensive tests so I cannot really answer your additional questions.

But it would be interesting to hear if you succeed in making wakeup reliable.