Possible missing firmware message after apt upgrade

I have just moved to the latest 528 image and after updating and upgrading I get 6 missing firmware errors for module msm. a530_pfp.fw, a530_fm4.fw, a420_pfp.fw, a420_pm4.fw, a330_pfp.fw, a330_pm4.fw.

Is there a way I can correct this message?


John E. M. Sammons

Could you please share dmesg output (via e.g. pastebin)? DB410C normally only requires a300 (adreno GPU firmware).

IIRC these messages come out when the initramfs is updated and, if so, they are pretty harmless. The warning come from a generic piece of code that knows that the msm module contains code paths that would load the various firmwares mentioned… but does not know that those code paths are not executed on a 410E.

It is indeed only after update-initramfs -u. Thank you for the responses! I used to ignore messages like this without a second thought, but I have learned from past problems it is better to make sure the warning is really harmless.