Porting programs to Dragonboard 410C from Android studio on Windows OS


I’m new to this and have a quick query. I’m planning to do programs on Android studio 2.2 on my laptop which has Windows 10 as the OS. Can I port those programs to Dragonboard as part of IOT learning?


Hello Rakesh,
It is what I am doing: Using Windows 10 and Android Studio 2.2 and it is just fine.
You built your own Android App as you would for a smartphone. You connect your DragonBoard to your PC and you will be connected as any smartphone. Then you are able to push your app and debug it.
You can push your app directly when connected with Android Studio or push your APK file using ADB and the “push” command.
The only difference between a smartphone and the Dragonboard is the impossibility to use Kboard/mouse when it is connected to your PC.
I mean: if your app requires a button click and you want to test it, you will need to disconnect your Dragonboard first then do the click.


In addition to above, you can specifically configure for arm v7 or v8 flavors of build variants in gradle. These use the NdkOptions, abiFilter property of the productFlavors configuration block. See http://ph0b.com/android-studio-gradle-and-ndk-integration/ for reference.

Disclaimer: I’ve not tried these myself.


Hey Jean,
Thanks a lot for the reply. I wanted to make sure that it works with Windows 10 before I go ahead and order a purchase . I’m convinced now that it will work and hence will place the order as soon as possible. Thanks again!