Porting Multiple Cameras (MIPI-CSI) on X20




I am trying to figure out, if its possible to port multiple cameras on X20 board, means, to have plug&play functionality.

From the following link, it shows porting of single camera:

Now if i want to port another camera in parallel, and want to interchange both cameras during runtime, would it be possible?

Please share the knowledge.

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There’s not really any framework to help you support plug and play camera boards. The MTK driver looks pretty hard coded so there’s no framework to help here. That’s not to say its impossible but I think you would have to develop all the code yourself and may even need to custom design your own camera boards (so you can implement I2C ROM and hot-plug detect circuits needed for plug and play).

All in all you might be better of looking at connecting two cameras at once, the X20 pro version of the board allows this, even for very high res cameras (I have no idea how well they have documented it though).