Port forwarding dragonboard does not work on cellular network but works on WIFI and other cellular netowrk

So my dragonboard works on other cellular networks other then mine. It is super weird, I even re flashed it multiple times. Any hints?

can you explain how you configured your setup and at which point it does not work, also make sure your carrier allows the port you try to use.

Some cell carriers don’t even give you a public IP address, let alone allow externally originating connections.

then how come my friend’s works and we have the same cellular network. Also this problem only happens with debian stretch 17.09, I tried it with the latest one and it was gone.

How come does yours do what you are expecting it to do when connected to a different network?

I am trying to port forward it. But that port forwarded IP doesn’t work on cellular network when using android ssh client.

Your subject line says that it works on one cellular network and on a wifi network, but not on a second cellular network. If everything else is equal on one cellular network to the other, then the only variable is the network itself.