Poplar TV OpenEmbedded/Yocto build environment


Hi there

New user here - apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

I’m really interested in the new Poplar TV board - but running Linux rather than Android.

Is there a Build Environment for OpenEmbedded/Yocto for it - and what are the state of the VPU/GPU drivers in it? There could be a lot of interest from the Kodi community in this platform (it looks to have great specs for media players and media player+DVB PVRs)


It’s fairly early days for this board and we are not yet sure exactly how the software will pan out. This means the only honest answer I can give about the VPU is “I don’t know”.

The GPU story should be pretty much the same as Hikey since, like Hikey, the Poplar has a MALI GPU. These is an out-of-tree open source kernel driver which is paired with closed source MALI userspace code that implements OpenGL ES.

Again specifics on how OpenEmbedded BSP layers will be provided are not entirely clear at the moment. However the modular layered nature of OE should allow BSP layers to be cleanly separated form any proprietary RDK layers.


The same applied for “native” DVB STB community around the Enigma2 software.

We also would like to run minimalistic Linux there, but definitively need in the V4L2 drivers for image processing.

Any plan on it?


Any progress in this matter? I have in my hands poplar board (tuners ordered) but it is somewhat unusable right now.


Hi Jaroslaw,

You need to configure the DTV software in Poplar, you can refer to the link as following http://en.tocoding.com/index.php/96boards-poplar/, “Download”=>“DTV configuration”. If you have any questions, please send Email to service@tocoding.com,you can get the professional support.



@Jaroslaw: did you get any answer regarding development environment?

I was asking similar question directly to tocoding but got NOT ANY ASWER from there at all!

Do anyone know if exists Linux “native” (so not infected by Android!) SDK for Poplar TV board?