Poplar images download for recovery


I’d like to recover my board to original Android AOSP, since I built Debian & found no ethernet support there.
Is there a link for me to download?



The original tocoding board has a download area to restore the board: http://en.tocoding.com/index.php/96boards-poplar/



Thank you.
This board has been almost forgotten for almost one year.
I am glad to have it back to commission…



I’d add that you should have had working ethernet in Debian. It is true that there is less hardware enabled for Debian than there is in the Android builds (both vendor builds and open-source builds) but we have had networking for a long time…

So enjoy Android for a bit but if you ever want to take another look at Debian (or just boot it from a USB stick and leave the eMMC alone) then ping these forums and we’ll help!


Well, not quite sure for my Debian build in August 2017.
For my poplar board, I’d like to have

  1. an uboot with net support
  2. an experience of both Android & Debian images

Is there also a prebuilt image for Debian?


Nothing pre-built.

Given you’ve only just got the board working with Android perhaps take a look at my skunkworks installer that helps to create a bootable USB stick for poplar.

It still has a few rough edges. In particular the docs ("just type make") assume you have already installed development tools and that your distro supplies a working version of guestfish. However other than that its relatively quick to get it working and, because the resulting image boots and runs from the USB stick, it won’t interfere with the OS in eMMC.


Sir your Makefile looks like a USB solution to Debian on Poplar.
This is probably what I need so far :slight_smile:

Is there anything that I can contribute?



Is there a way to flash those img without fastboot?
Not quite sure, an extra USB-A to USB-A cable is needed for fastboot flash