PetaLinux Beginners Guide



We have recently updated the documentation for Ultra96 and added in a guide that goes through the process of getting a PetaLinux Build setup and running on your board.
I’ve kept this guide to a bare minimum as the PetaLinux SDK is fairly comprehensive.


Hello. I installed and builded petalinux project step by step watching this tutorial. After I insert SD card to my ultra96 board it boots fine, everything works as expected except then I try to turn off board by pressing power switch it does not react to it, I have to manualy turn off ultra96 board by pressing power button and holding it for 10 seconds. In my opinion power button interrupt does not work properly. Is it known issue or this happens only to me? Factory reset image works fine


The Ultra96 has an On/Off controller tied to the Power Push Button. While operating, a push of the button will toggle a signal that is intended to be the power off interrupt to the processor. However, this has to be built into the design. This is part of the posted PetaLinux 2018.2 BSP if you want to see an example of this.

If the interrupt is not connected/enabled, you can also shutdown Linux the standard way from the command line with “shutdown -h now”