PCIe M.2 connector speed


Hi, the Hikey 970 data sheet tells:

The PCIe interface module has the following features:

  • List item Compliant with PCIe base specification revision 3.1 (maximum rate: Gen3 8 Gbps)
  • List item One x1 link, which can work in Gen1 (2.5 Gbps) or Gen2 (5 Gbps) mode.

I can see that a M.2 SSD device (Intel 600P 128 GB) connected to the board works with Gen2 speed. Is there anyway to change the connection speed to Gen3. If not then what is meaning of the first line in the PCIe features list?
Thank you


Hi stas,

Did you have to install a driver or something to get the m.2 ssd device to work on the board?