PCIe connection on ultra96

Hi im new to ultra96 and PCIe
i want to write and read from SSD hard like (samsung SSD hard) using pcie.
which board is prefered!?
i have ultra96 but there is no port for connecting SATA or M.2(SSD Hard).
is there any extension for this issue?! like auxiliary board or converter cable!?
someone help me.
best regards.

I’m not aware of any existing adapter that allows connection of an SSD to Ultra96. It might be possible through the high-speed mezzanine, but this would be specific to Ultra96 and not a 96Boards standard. Therefore, you’d likely have to look at designing your own.

For off-the-shelf hardware with Xilinx SoCs, you should take a look at https://opsero.com/product/fpga-drive-fmc-dual/