Panfrost: Open-Source GPU Driver for the Rock960

Just sharing this here since a bunch of folks were discussing about GPU drivers for GNU/Linux distros

Panfrost is a free and open source driver for Mali Midgard and Bifrost GPUs.

The driver is capable of running a few demos and has been upstream to Mesa & Linux (currently in linux-next). It has been tested on Rockchip RK3288/R3399, and Amlogic S912 with the Arm Mali-T764, Arm Mali-T864, and Arm Mali-T820MP3 GPUs respectively.


The open source drivers for Mali GPUs (lima and panfrost) have been added to the 5.2 mainline kernel released in July – so an Ubuntu build with basic video/3D acceleration for the Rock960 should be in the realm of possibilities once 5.2 becomes a supported distro kernel.

Still holding my hopes up for running a full-blown KDE/Plasma desktop with all visual bells and whistles, plus Kodi, NAS and a Syncthing relay on my Rock960 :yum: LibreELEC definitely feels a bit limiting regarding that plan.

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