Pairing and connection is not happening using bluetooth

Hi team,
I am able to scan devices using bluetoothctl command. but not able to pair.
we tried but its not happening , we stuck on these issue .


What board and software release are you running?

hi ,
We are using redpine 9113 wifi module connected via usb to Soc (intel E3900) .
Development Platform - yocto platform.
driver :- RSI open source driver
package installed in yocto :- bluez5 , bluez-noist -tools, openobex

we are tring to pair device using bluetoothctl , most of the times it is not happening.
We are not getting what exactly issue .

As far as I know none of the 96Boards use this WiFi/BT module so, whilst it is possible you will get lucky and someone can offer ideas, I’m doubtful this is the best forum for you to get help with this topic.