OV8865 and VCM DW9714 bring up in snapdragon-212

Hi all,
Trying to bring up the VCM driver IC: DW9714 in OV8865 camera module for snapdragon 212 chipset. Getting the below error for the dw9714 libraries.
dw9714_q13v04b & dw9714_q8v19w:

module_sensor_stream_on:2458 chromatix name libchromatix_ov8865_q8v18a_snapshot.so
af_actuator_set_params:315 E
af_actuator_set_params:368 failed rc -1
actuator_process:875 failed rc -1
module_sensor_stream_on:2550 sensor_failure : ACTUATOR_SET_PARAMETERS failed
module_sensor_module_process_event:3577 failed

Please help me to proceed further. Please suggest alternate source code and libraries for dw9714