Ov5640 fps issue - 1080p@30fps

Hello Loic

May I ask another question here since it is kind of related.

I am trying to develop a driver for an MIPI camera, which outputs UYVY8_1x16 format. For ov5640 sensor the output is UYVY8_2x8. Could you please confirm that on Dragonboard 820 VFE_PIX accepts UYVY8_1x16 as well? Many thanks.

No the driver only supports 2X8 for yuv formats (two 8-bit bus samples).

Many thanks for the reply.

May I ask where I can find what formats are supported in Snapdragon VFE_PIX. In your document it only suggests that it supports UYVY422 packed.

Supported input formats:


But it does not say if it supports 8 bit or 16 bit?

You can look in what is defined by the driver for RDI and PIX interfaces: https://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/qualcomm/kernel.git/tree/drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/camss-vfe.c?h=release/qcomlt-5.4#n80

Thank you Loic. Is it possible to add support for UYVY8_1x16 in driver? Is it limited by hardware? I mean is it possible to add support in CSID to decode 1x16 and convert it to 2x8? Many thanks.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the CSID configuration register values for that.