OV5640 camera configure as RAW(bggr) output format


We are trying to interface the OV5640 camera module to Android Nougat (Kernel Version:3.10.49).
we are using Qcom camera driver.

We got error in logcat below:

01-03 07:03:37.716 2743 2743 E mm-camera: module_imgbase_init_imglib_refocus:1442] Error rc -6
01-03 07:03:37.716 2743 2743 E mm-camera-img: module_imglib_create_topology:649] Can not init the module imglib_refocus
01-03 07:03:45.386 340 2706 E mm-camera-intf: mm_camera_event_notify: Camera Event DAEMON DIED received
01-03 07:03:45.386 340 2683 E mm-camera-intf: mm_stream_streamon: ioctl VIDIOC_STREAMON failed: rc=-1
01-03 07:03:45.387 340 2683 E mm-camera-intf: mm_channel_start: start stream failed at idx(1)
01-03 07:03:45.400 340 2683 E mm-camera-intf: mm_stream_streamoff: STREAMOFF failed: Bad address
01-03 07:03:45.402 340 2683 E mm-camera-intf: mm_stream_fsm_reg: invalid state (5) for evt (8), in(0x0), out(0x0)
01-03 07:03:45.403 340 2683 E mm-camera-intf: mm_stream_unreg_buf: fd=24, VIDIOC_REQBUFS failed, rc=-1


I think you will probably have to raise this with Qualcomm. Android Nougat has never been released for DB410C (and even for Lollipop/Marshmallow CSI camera was not listed as a supported feature in the release notes).

Thanks for response Danielt.

We are trying to configure the OV5640 as RAW. We are facing above listed errors. We have also raised same query to Qualcomm.