OV5640 720p@60fps

In OmniVision documentation ov5640 supports 720p at 60fps, but currently we only get 30fps. When looking at the ov5640 driver in linaro 4.14 we noticed that 720p is locked for 30fps. In the latest driver version in master 60fps is supported, but only for VGA resolution.

Simple solution as adding

	{OV5640_MODE_720P_1280_720, SUBSAMPLING,
	 1280, 1892, 720, 740,

to ov5640_mode_data probably won’t suffice. In linux-3.4-sunxi ov5640 driver someone used register 0x3035 (OV5640_REG_SC_PLL_CTRL1) to control the fps.

Is it even possible to utilize 720p@60fps on DB820 and if yes, how can we achieve this (which registers do we have to set via linux ov5640 driver)?