Orange Pi i96 USB problems if USB device is connected before startup

Has anyone experienced USB problems on the Orange Pi i96 device?

I use this board to run an old POS printer via USB and it works perfectly fine, if I plug in the printer after the system has fully booted (using Debian image currently). The setup is pretty simple: I transfer data to the board via serial (GPIO pins), read this data via a Python script and send it to the printer via USB.

As already mentioned, this works fine in case the printer is connected after system has booted successfully.

However, if the POS printer is already connected to the board before booting Debian, the printer is not detected. Even further, the integrated USB hub does not even seem to work anymore, as even after unplugging and plugging in the printer again it is not detected. In that case dmesg does not output anything at all.

Whereas if I plug in the printer after boot has completed, I can clearly see messages popping up in dmesg stating that the USB devices has been detected successfully.

After comparing the bootup process (and all dmesg messages) the only thing that is really different is following line:
musb-hdrc musb-hdrc: configured as A device timeout

It appears in the case that the POS printer is attached before powering the board.

First I thought it could be a power issue, but also using a solid 5V/2A power source (directly connected to the PINs) instead of using the USB-OTG port it is still the same.

Appreciate any help or hints towards a solution :slight_smile: