OpTEE + Android in Hikey960


I am following this step : https://github.com/linaro-swg/optee_android_manifest/tree/hikey-n-4.9-master for hikey860 installation. I have two questions.

1-) What does “For 8GB board” or “4GB board” mean in step 3.7? My Hikey960 board is 3GB Ram. :neutral_face:
2-) While compiling, I have a error about java heap size. My computer RAM is 8GB.

OP-TEE is not supported yet on hikey960 android builds. See OP-TEE support on Hikey960 for previous discussion. Will post an update here once it’s available.

8GB ram I not enough to compile AOSP specially If you are using i5 or more. I’d recommend adding ANDROID_COMPILE_WITH_JACK := false to the BoardConfigCommon.mk file

Thanks vchong. I need optee on hikey960 for my academic studies. How many days do you think for supporting?

What is my first question?

I use mac book pro with retina.

Hmm… I’ve never got a build done successfully on a mac.
However try the mentioned modifications

Sorry for missing info. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on mac.

aah… well. still 8gb ram is not enough. But doesn’t mean impossible, I too have just 8gb ram on my system.

@tesmnorth There’s no fixed schedule since it’s backlogged and being worked on on a best effort basis, so it’s sort of hard to tell you exactly how many days. It also depends on how many bugs appear during the integration.

For your first question, it only applies to the hikey board, which has a 4gb and 8gb variant. If you’re in a hurry and can get your hands on a hikey board, you can try using it instead since optee + android is supported.

Using a windows/mac is strongly discouraged due to the lack/absence of driver on those OS for the usb connection!! If the host OS cannot ‘see’ the board, then the guest OS won’t either, and you have no way to communicate with the board. A few people managed to get it to work on windows, but mostly not. If you can’t get it to work, you might be able to get away with building, but eventually you’ll need a linux machine anyway to flash the built images. If that’s the only way to go, then try either installing linux as dual boot, or booting linux using a usb drive. At least this is the case for hikey, and probably the same for hikey960 as well.

for the record I had solved this jack/stack out of memory issue by following one of the workaround found in https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-x86/bGHH_7EodhQ

ahh… one of my older hacks (yes, that’s me on the android-x86 forum alright)
But this is very specific to android 7,since android 7 couldn’t build without jack, will work on other versions. It did had an issue and that was it made use of huge amounts of swap memory as 8gb wasn’t enough already and all it did was allow jack to use more ram than there was available.

I have already bought Hikey960 from Amazon. There is no Hikey board seller in Turkey. Is it possible android + optee supporting in hikey960 except big supporting problem (If it is exist). Secondly How can I learn my board’s variant (4GB or 8GB)?

@tesmnorth Please wait a bit. The work just started so it’s hard to give an estimate. The board variant is for the hikey only. hikey960 board is 32GB only, no variant, so it’s not something you have to worry about.

@vchong Thanks for kindly information. I need to use my hikey960 with optee+ android as soon as possible. I think I have to wait.

Hello @vchong, what about supporting optee in Hikey960?

@tesmnorth Not yet. When does your class start?

We will start it after 1 weeks. And we will try many things on it about our acedemic studies. @vchong


We would like to help if possible but there’s no way to prioritize this over linaro member requests. The best we can offer at this point, and please note that this is already going above and beyond, is for you to help with the integration itself, i.e. run test builds and report back any errors.

Start with https://github.com/vchong/optee_android_manifest/blob/wip/tmp.txt for now. Note that this is all we have at the moment, very work-in-progress, totally untested, so expect lots of errors.

If anyone else is also interested, feel free to help test and feedback as well.

@vchong thanks for help. I want to help test and give a feedback, you can be sure. how can I report them to you? on this site or github?

how can I report them to you? on this site or github?

Either is fine.