OpenCL on Android

I’ve been inquiring for a couple weeks, which some staff seem to have noticed ;)… It is becoming quite clear that OpenCL is not supported on Linux which is disappointing; I haven’t heard anything about Windows supporting OpenCL either.

However, OpenCL is explicitly advertised, and it has been mentioned in some other forum posts that OpenCL is only supported on Android. Nonetheless, I haven’t been able to get OpenCL working on Android either, the Adreno SDK seems to be missing OpenCL files and there aren’t any clear guides or demos.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to get OpenCL running? This is becoming increasingly frustrating as one of the resons I chose the DragonBoard was for OpenCL support.

I can’t offer any direct experience on this.

However you certainly shouldn’t need to follow anything DB410C specific; lots of Android phones have Adreno GPUs so there’s lots of tutorials. As I said, I have no direct experience here but this one appears well researched (and scores highly on Google):

I can’t check whether OpenCL header files are still included in the Adreno SDK (because I keep getting failures to download a valid gzip file) but I can confirm that there are CL headers and libraries found in the vendor section of the DB410C AOSP sources, so if you build Android yourself you should have the files to hand:

Thank you for the prompt reply Daniel!