On Camera Mezzanine driver for dragonboard410c


Where can I find the android driver source code for the camera module supported by “On camera mezzanine” board?

I have tried to look on to kernel source of Android as well as an openembedded kernel but I didn’t find driver support for camera module there. while product page states it is meant to work with Android OS.

Can you help me to get the camera driver source code?

Chetan Kankotiya

Look like @mcontenti has been successfully enabled the camera, not sure which driver has been used.

@Loic : I believe that the question is actually about the source code for an Android HAL.

The product brief contains the line “• Designed to work with Arrow DragonBoard™
410c development platform and Android OS”, but it doesn’t actually go into any more details about that. I’d guess that they probably have a binary-only HAL for CAF 5.1.

Yes, both the low-level driver and HAL implementation seem missing, I’ve forwarded internally to get info.