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Please unsubscribe me from this list.


You can unsubscribe by going to your profile setting.



it would seem that in the past hour the default settings have been modified, in direct contravention to forum user’s wishes and expectations.

all of a sudden i am receiving dozens of unwanted and unsolicited messages, and i do not wish to have MY time taken up by being forced to take action that was not initiated with my original consent or knowledge.


as the webmaster, can i suggest that you URGENTLY investigate how it is that i (and presumably others) are receiving unsolicited email from this forum, and have it corrected?

many thanks.

Hi lkcl

Apologise for the email spam. I have disabled this feature now.

Only moderators and people subscribed to specific post will get notified.

Thanks for understanding

The link above DOES NOT have anything related to (un)subscriptions at all. I’d like to unsubscribe from all future notifications too.