Not receiveing UART data after a sleep mode


I connected a device (let’s call it DevA) to the DragonBoard 410c through the HSUART connection.

At the beginning all is going well as datas are exchanged then the UART goes to sleep mode.

After 10s, the device DevA send data to the DragonBoard but these dats are not received by the kernel driver.

It seems that after a sleep, the callback notification from the SPS driver (msm_hs_sps_rx_callback function in msm_serial_hs.c) is never called even if the wakeup interupt is set.

Any clue why the SPS BAM driver does not wake up?

Hi @Arash

Sorry thinks have been a bit quiet for you on this topic. I’m afraid I have no particular insights for you. However I am curious regarding what you are running on the Dragonboard 410c. There are a very wide range of images for DB410c. So… Android, debian or ubuntu? Which versions?