Normal World and Secure World console

Hello, i have a Hikey620 board and succeeded to install op-tee on it.
When the board is booted, i get just one console (UART0). Other UARTs show nothing.
Is this correct or like Qemu it should have two console, one for Normal World and one for Secure World?

Hi @rafado7895,

The thread: How to view log for OPTEE might be helpful for your question.

@rafado7895 This is correct. There are no separate UARTs for Hikey620. The NW and SW both share a single console.

I’ve spent a long time and tested (about) all the settings and related source codes in optee to find a way for getting two UART outputs. One for normal world and one for secure world (like Qemu).
But it seems on HiKey620 the both worlds use UART0 and changing the UART number in make file do nothing.
@vchong it is correct.
Thanks both of you.

You can run your normal world commands from an adb/ssh shell to get some separation between nw vs sw log. Sw logs will only be seen in the uart console. Some aosp system messages might get in the way of the sw logs once in a while, but it hasn’t been too bad so far.