No Web Browser appears to be installed


I re-installed Android, but no Web Browser?


I’m surprised there’s no browser but to be honest I’ve never really like
the AOSP browser anyway. Either way, you can side load programs
(including app catalogues) such as f-droid or Amazon) via USB.


I’m curious about this as well. Every time I run make it takes forever including ./external/chromium_org/ But apparently Chromium isn’t included in the final system.img? Is there a way to include it? I’m also curious if there’s a way to avoid loading the makefile.


Qualcomm maintains a version of Chromium optimized for Snapdragon chipsets called SWE (Snapdragon Web Enablement) Browser here:

You can find build instructions here:

The most recent version of their browser is m57 branch, so substitute m55 for m57 in the gclient file in the guide.

Once you set up your system to build SWE (which requires ~50GB of space on your hard drive, you can use the following commands to generate a repository that can be used from the Android build system:

Build SWE as system package(ninja)
ninja -C out/Default swe_system_package
Once built, you will find it at: out/Default/

I have a prebuilt APK here if you would like it, but it is version M56 and has Paranoid Android branding rather than the default SWE branding:

I would be happy to build SWE M57 for you if you would like.