No mouse or keyboard response with prebuild android 8 image

I downloaded and burned images from the below link,

then I connected usb mouse and keyboard to 970 board, but no mouse or keyboard response. but the system response to “adb shell input swipe xx xx xx xx” command.

anyone have the same problem ?


Try unplugging the micro usb cable first.

I unplugged the micro usb (connecting to host pc for adb/fastboot), but the same, usb mouse and keyboard do not work.

more, the uart interface can only receive information/log from 970, but 970 does not response to uart command (like “ls” or “enter” from uart).

For Uart communication in both directions use the Usb c port that is by itself on the board. The Usb c between Usb A and Hdmi is for fastboot - adb.

I also have uart connected to the low speed expansion header.
Works the same…it will show the output but you cant type commands.

So i just use the Usb C that is on the side of the board.
Then i ssh into that port.

for windows use the com port it shows in device manager and putty.

for linux use
sudo screen /dev/tty??? 115200

To find the /dev do
ls /dev

Ill post the /dev/USB when i get home. I think its something like /dev/XRUSB0

yes, I use the usb c on the side of the board, only can receive messages, but cant send command (or board does not response to uart command)