No / Limited video and audio playback on the hikey

Hello, I am currently experience alot of trouble with the HiKey board, I’m working in a company and we’re currently trying to evaluate the HiKey as one of our main development boards. The Boards look pretty good but we have some really serious problems regarding video and audio playback. The specification sheet says video and and audio decoding is support (at least h.264 and AAC audio) but all I can see is that video’s stutter alot and if a video has audio it’s not going to play at all. We’re testing this on AOSP built of the Android OS and are using the build in video player and/or the ExoPlayer demo application. The main-goal we are trying to archive is running a custom built Android OS with full media support. We’ve successfully compiled several Android versions as of 6.0 , 6.0.1, 7.0 and 7.1 from AOSP source which all show this behavior furthermore being worse the newer we push the version but even the officially provided update package from google (which is still 5.0.1) will not play videos with audio but only without. We’re using the fastboot method to update the HiKey. Can someone tell me if we’re doing something wrong ? If we compile the OS from AOSP source do we have to include special media drivers or do we need to checkout a completely different repo ? , we followed the documentation closely provided on googles developer website and we we’re able to compile alot of roms for other devices too. We would really like to use the device but in the state of right now it’s absolutely unusable for us and kind of disappointing regarding the fact that it is googles “reference board”, I hope we’re just doing it wrong.

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I’m afraid you might be heading into a dead end with this work. The Hikey kernel used by AOSP does not have support for the Hi6220 video decoders (mostly because there is little public documentation for this part of the hardware). AOSP/Hikey is configured to use software decoders instead.

Hi, first of all thanks for your answer.
I’m fine if the HiKey uses software decoders but they aren’t even working for me.
I’m unable to play videos /w audio reliable. My only target for this device is to play atleast two h264 videos with audio at the same time. But I am kind of stuck with that issue.