No Image.gz-dtb after building kernel for Hikey970

I built Hikey970 kernel and then I expected to get Image.gz-dtb because Adnroid document for Hikey970 ( ) says “Copy the Image file (arch/arm64/boot/Image.gz-dtb) to the device/linaro/hikey-kernel directory as file: Image.gz-hikey970-4.9”.

But I couldn’t find Image.gz-dtb only I can see Image.gz. Please let me know how to get Image.gz-dtb for Hikey970.

I tried to use Image.gz for Image.gz-hikey970-4.9, built android won’t boot anymore.

Found a solution to build Image.gz-dtb for Hikey970.
Need to add some configuration in linux/arch/arm64/configs/hikey970_defconfig

  • CONFIG_BUILD_ARM64_APPENDED_DTB_IMAGE_NAMES=“hisilicon/kirin970-hikey970”

And need to build kernel using just make command without Image.gz. If you do “make -j32 Image.gz”, no Image.gz-dtb will be generated. Use “make -j32”.


Maybe you can refer:

$ git clone
$ cd tools-images-hiKey970

there are, you can copy the file to aosp root dir, and execute: