No Data Service with Ublox Modem and Android 7

i’m facing a problem with RIL integration for U-Blox Modem on Android 7 Nougat. After RIL integration (…get it from U-Blox…) procedure, i’m able to send/receive SMS or execute a call, but it is not possible to connect to the data service.
Parsing the logcat log, i noticed some errors, during ppp handshake. Below the portion of the logcat mentioned:

In particular, I was focusing on the following mistakes:

  1. 04-07 15:19:42.998 I/QcrilMsgTunnelSocket( 1272): Couldn’t find ‘qmux_radio/rild_oem0’ socket;
    retrying after timeout

  2. 04-07 15:19:42.723 D/pppd ( 2019): Protocol-Reject for ‘Compression Control Protocol’ (0x80fd) received

Anyone have an idea ?!?!

Can you attach dmesg output as well (e.g. using pastebin), it could be a sepoolicy issue [1].

Do you have ‘qmux_radio/rild_oem0’ present in ‘/dev/socket/’?


Hi Loic,
Following dmesg log:
Checking for ‘qmux_radio/rild_oem0’, i have the following situation:

Keep in mind that i’m working in permissive mode … may be enough for avoid permission issue ??? what do you think ???